Ledger Nano S

Keep your assets safe. Ledger Nano S wallets are designed with the highest security standards

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Why choose Ledger Nano S?

Best security

When you own crypto, what you really have is a private key. You must protect it to secure your funds. Ledger offers the best level of protection: your key remains protected on a certified secure chip.

Easy to handle

An application to secure, own, buy and manage 26 coins and more than 1500 tokens from your smartphone or computer.

Grow your assets

Receive crypto rewards while keeping your coins safely on your device using Ledger Live or an external wallet. Let your crypto do the work for you.


Install 3-6 applications, depending on the size of the application, on your device. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, and many more. You can safely install and uninstall applications on your device to optimize your capacity needs.

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